IOC's sales and merchandising teams are spread all over the territory and are deployed throughout the company's different depots which carefully located all over the Palestinian market to secure continuous supply in spite of current geopolitical complications. A computerized hand-held system and sales support functions are being utilized to track the progress at each point of sale.


Our teams design, follow-up and implement complete advertising & marketing strategies & campaigns in coordination with our suppliers. Merchandizing is being undertaken at all times in planned methodology with POS materials and on hand giveaways. Our merchandising teams pertain and consistently follow up on POS shelving, shelves rental, and other in store marketing activities. Our supervisors are always deployed in the field and tasked in enhancing the oriented nature of the sales and marketing work.




























The company directly covers the class A customers through pre sale sales reps. Sales reps visit the top supermarkets in the country regularly to ensure that all our products are available and properly displayed in front of shoppers to win in the first moment of truth when shoppers are about to make the decision to buy. We aim to make the shopper’s decision sway towards our brands by making them available, disproportionately visible, and within the shopper’s arm reach.


Our cash van sales reps visit all classified stores in the region to ensure proper distribution, availability, and visibility of our brands to ensure that our shoppers always get what they want where they want when they want. Our cash vans visit each point of in a more intensive calls to ensure that our customers never run out. We sell in small, but frequent, quantities which enable our customers to buy more SKUs which will push our distribution deeper.


We also sell directly to wholesalers to help in reaching hard-to-reach customers more efficiently. This is also done in adhere to IOC’s distribution and visibility standards through our dedicated merchandiser teams who use a set guideline to measure and control the sales in coordination the wholesalers.


IOC is able to address more than 3,500 POS directly and approximately 5,000 POS indirectly through its network of wholesalers across the territory.

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