OC’s HR Department is the foundation constituent of the company that ensures the persistent improvement and development of both the teams and the company.


For that reason, IOC has a dedication to the development of all employees and their subsequent development is paramount to the success of IOC.  Therefore, IOC carries out periodic training and career development programs and sessions as set by the executive team.  These sessions are often aligned with the goals of a specific campaign or program, and in some cases serve as a precursor to the acquisition of a new product line or brand.


The HR Department seeks to assist the company in maintaining its philosophy and strives to treat every post as a basis of contentment for every individual. Additionally, the HR Department serves to make certain that the company’s mission and values are optimized at all level

























As part of IOC’s ongoing investments over the years, which are tailored to provide its clients with maximum service and efficiency, IOC developed and pioneered a computerized hand held system, running on specially designed tablet devices for its Sales Force. The system houses a digital product catalogue and empowers the Sales Representatives with instant up-to-date information on every customer to maximise every sales call.



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