IOC Values & Culture


The IOC philosophy revolves around seven key factors that help distinguish it from  others in the local marketplace:


1. Team Work

  • To cooperate and pool talents together for the purposes of achieving collectively based goals and objectives.

2. Customer Focus

  • Developing, maintaining, and enhancing long term relationships with our customers and treating them as partners in our collective success.

3. Integrity and Ethics

  • IOC deploys a philosophy that serves it well in all dealings whether within the organization or outside the organization.

4. Social Responsibility

  • A good partner is one that seeks to enhance the well being of those around him/her.

5. Commitment to Excellence

  • IOC believes that if something is to be done, it shouldn't be done right; it should be a benchmark or standard for others to follow.

6. Innovation

  • IOC seeks to be on the cutting edge of how customer relationships and business operations are addressed in Palestine.

7. Loyalty

  • Through emphasizing a priority on the well being of customer or employee alike, IOC is able to promote an atmosphere of family through its alignment of operations, goals, and obligations to stakeholders.



IOC structure


The organizational structure that is employed by IOC consists of seven key executive members that oversee the operations of four essential company functions; (1)Administrative and Legal; (2) Sales and Marketing; (3) Finance; (4) Logistics and Supply Chain; and (5) Internal Audit.  This structure allows for the open and constant communication between departments, subordinates and superiors for faster decision making and allowing the executives to manage the day to day operations of all employees within the company.


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